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aurore nocturne


a label – a container – a repository for projects by Jean Routhier.

Acoustic or amplified, broadcasting or narrowcasting on public airwaves, maybe emitting mobile pirate transmisisons while on a soundwalk… most of my activities are focused on the audible impact they have.

I find my imagination drawn in by the noisy silences we encounter daily, and I eagerly listen to them. Sounds, like tricksters, fool our ears and make us believe all sorts of falsehood. I’m gullible and I like it!


If it moves air, maybe it’ll move you?

Most of my work is site-specific, commissioned for performances or installations. Some works have been edited and packaged for your listenning pleasure.


endurancecoverEndurance is an 11 track compilation of works produced during the last decade of the XXth century! It spans a variety of approaches with a musique concrète flavor, with a few collaborations. Great accompaniement to any pastry dish, pipe smoking, diswashing or general vacuuming activity.





Compilations featuring some of my pieces are available via

Avatar 96 432 heures (OMH), Québec, QC 2004.
S:ON (Nicole Gingras edition), Montréal, QC 2004.
Endurance (Aurore Nocturne), Vancouver, BC 2001.
PRESENCE II (PEP), Montréal, QC 2000.
Gallery Largeness vol. 11; Toronto, ON 1997.
PRESENCE (PEP), Montréal, QC 1997.
Rappel (OHM), Québec, QC 1996.
DisContact II (CEC), Montréal, QC 1995.
Ding Dong Deluxe (OHM), Québec, QC 1994.
Volute, Concordia University, Montréal, QC 1993.


Limited edition of other projects can be purchased by contacting info [at] aurorenocturne [dot] com


inhabjcstudioInhabitation was a week long site-specific performative installation by Joelle Ciona for which I created an ambiant soundtrack. One listen and you are shure to feel at home.





Rêverie:Noise City

reveBased on the novel “The Artificial Kid” by Bruce Sterling. The original project was to create a virtual community populated by the sonic manifestation of the participants. This audio CD comes with a catalogue documenting the projects of the collaborating media artists.