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I mostlyjrStat2k perform unique works for one off events, sometimes using material that I’m working with but hasn’t been finalized, or using field recordings that haven’t been used. I don’t document those performances, but sometimes there are remnants, or edited versions used for radio transmissions. I co-hosted for a number of years the experimental radio program “Soundscape” on CFRO FM in Vancouver, and would sometimes feature these fleeting documents.

Four soundwalks, ISEA 2015, Vancouver, BC, 2015.

Coastal Call, Telematic performance for “World Delay”, Musicacoustica, Beijing, Calgary, Vancouver, BC, 2009.

Surf and Turf soundwalk, Vancouver Vibrates, Vancouver New Music,Vancouver, BC, May 2008.

Explorations Routières, Radio Road Movies, Kunstradio/ ORF, Austria, January 2006.

Live improvisation, on Soundscapes, CFRO FM, Vancouver, BC, June 30th 2005.

Ethereal interference, Recreational interference, Radio Taxi, Cambridge, England, June 2005.

T.M.:RY_B, Signal and Noise festival, Video In Studios, Vancouver, BC, April 2005.

Improvisation for Art’s Birthday, Western Front, Vancouver, BC, 2005.

Rêverie: Noise City performance, Western Front, 2005.

7 works by Jean Routhier, Overgarden audio exhibit, Copenhagen, Danemark, 2004.

T.M.:RY_B, Signal & Noise Festival, Video In Studios, Vancouver, BC, 2004.

Recreational interference, Video In Studios, Vancouver, BC, 2004.

T.M:RY, One, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, 2004.

T.M.:RY_B, See Sound Escape, Western Front, 2003.

Untitled performance, Art Damage, Miss T’s Cabaret, Vancouver, BC, 2001

Ecran de fumée, Code D’Accès 15th anniversary concert, Montreal, QC, April 12 2001.

Ecran de Fumée, Musica Nova competition, Vltava Czech Radio, Czech Republic, March 30 2001.

Ecran de fumée, DLux Media Arts Festival, Melbourne, Australia, June 2000 (

Violent interviews, gateWAYS project (, and Kunstaradio ORF, Vienna, Austria, March 19-21, 2000.

Art’s Birthday, 24hrs of radio art, CITR radio, Vancouver, January 17 2000.


S.L.D.O., Festival GlobalMix Cracow, Poland 1999.


Ecran de fumée, école des Beaux-Arts d’Aix-en-Provence, France 1999.

Private Excerpts, “Private Radio” (Bill Mullen), CBC FM Vancouver, 1998.

Carte blanche a Jean Routhier, Skizophonics, CFRO FM Vancouver 1998.

Frêle cocotte intime, Media Tics series, CHMA FM Sackville, NB, 1998.

Face à claques, Fragments, Sound Culture ’96; San Francisco, CA, US of A. 1996.

Fragments and Face à claques, concert Inter-Face, MdlC Frontenac, Montreal, QC, 1995.

phête Canton, concert electroWEB, Montreal, QC, 1995.



Messages accomplis, Telephone intervention, Avatar, Quebec, QC 1994. (available on the Rappel compilation)

Luit Bing Bang, Futura-Festival d’Art Acousmatique, Crest, France 1994.

Coco le huajolote (soundtrack); Siggraph media arts conference, Orlando, Florida, US of A, 1994.

Bris (variation), Journées ELECTRO-RADIO days, CEC, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, 1993.



2016 Intonarumori performer & improvisation conductor, MashUp exhibit,Vancouver Art Gallery, BC

The Voyage, micro performance series, Boca del Lupo, Vancouver, BC, 2012 & 2013.

Infinity soundwalk for Maraya project, Center A, Vancouver, BC, 2011.

2006 Silence Festival,Vancouver New Music,Vancouver, BC

Improvisation with Josh Stevenson on Soundscapes radio show, CFRO FM, April 30, 2005.

Rêverie: Noise City performances, Western Front, Vancouver, BC, 2005.

Simultaneity project participant, (P.M.Wyer), from 6.50 – 7.10 pm GMT, December 16th 2004.

IVPM, live PA for The Unseen Interval Exposed performance by J. Ciona, Grunt gallery, Vancouver, BC, 2004.

Ethereal interference-music for a soundwalk at Willow farm (featuring Wendy Humphreys Tebbutt, soprano and Alcvin Takegawa Ramos, Shakuhachi flute), Vancouver New Music, Sechelt, BC, 2004. (here’s a review by Alex Varty in The Georgia Straight)

IVPM, live PA for The Unseen Interval Exposed performance by J. Ciona, private studio, Vancouver, BC, 2003.

Imaginary Landscape#4 performer, (J. Cage), Banff Center, Banff, AB, 2002.

Infrequency collective evenings, the Sugar Refinery, Vancouver, BC, 2001.

Participant, L’Atopie textuelle, Causes Perdues INc, Quebec, QC, 2000-ongoing(

Participant, One Moment, Oboro (Montreal), Plug-In (Winnipeg), Western Front (Vancouver), March 27 1999.

Turn the Schwitt Up! (T. Brett.) – Merzbarn, Ambleside, UK, 1999.

Private Excerpts, “Private Radio” (Bill Mullen), CBC FM Vancouver, BC, 1998.

Participant, “Black Box” (Matthew Smith, Sandra Wintner); Immersive Sounds, Bregenz, Austria, 1998.

The A/V Log – North America’s soundings (collabo. with J. Ciona) 1996; broadcast on:

  • Zone Sonore CIBL FM Montreal, QC
  • KVRX FM Austin, TX, US of A
  • La Panaderia, Mexico DF, Mexico
  •  the Afternoon show, CBC FM Vancouver, QC
  • Sonic circuit festival, CIUT FM, Toronto, ON.

La Grande diagonale (coll. with Avatar and J. Ciona), Le Navire Night, Radio-Canada, Montreal, QC, 1996.

Au Jeu! Lutte avec lyre; concert Bruit du Noir, Studio 303 Montréal, QC, 1995.