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photo credit: Jennifer Van Evra


Temps-mort: iona on exhibit at Soundtracks: visual arts with an audio component, Artspace, Peterborough, ON, June 2000

Jean Routhier’s are audio-centric installations, immersive environments.


Temps-Mort: Iona, Oscillations outdoor exhibition, Charleson Park, produced by Vancouver New Music and LoCoMoto Art, Vancouver, BC, 2015.

Une Suite de Temps-Mort: Nelson _R.Y. B, Audiospace 10: Not All There, Open Space gallery, Victoria, BC, May 16-June 13, 2014.

Listening Stations, Sonic Playground at MetamorFest, Vancouver BC, 2014.

Temps Morts: Iona, Lucky’s Comic Book, Vancouver, BC, Octobre 2012.

Listening Stations, Sonic Playground at Kids fest, Vancouver BC, 2012.

Ethereal Interpherence, Open Sounds, Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, BC, 2008.

Une Suite de Temps-Morts, SOUNDplay festival, NAISA, Toronto, ON, Septembre 2007.

URBAN BUTOH DANCE TRACKS, Mobile clubbing, ScotiaBank Dance Centre, Vancouver, Septembre 2007.

IN[_]EX, Centre A, Vancouver BC, June 2006.

IN[_]EX, Container Culture, ISEA Symposium, San jose, CA, US of A, July, 2006.

7 audio works by J. Routhier, Overgarden Festival, Copenhagen, Danemark, 2004

Ecran de fumée, Untitled, L’Effet du logis, Studio Cormier, Montreal, QC, October 2001.

Temps-morts: iona, Signal and Noise festival, Video In Studios, Vancouver, BC, April 2001.

Soundtracks: visual arts with an audio component, Artspace, Peterborough, ON, June 2000.

Ecran de fumée, DLux Media Arts Festival, Melbourne, Australia, June 2000.

Sélection d’oeuvres de Jean Routhier, 11eme Festival d’été, Centre Culturel Francophone, Vancouver, BC, June 15-24 2000.

Frele cocotte intime, Jukebox (Jerome Joy), Contemporary Museum, Lyon, France, 1998.

Massive ears, (installation audiovisual), Helen Pitt gallery, Vancouver, BC, 1998.

Esperance et Vie (sculptures); Bosnia-Herzegovina, Open Wound, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1993.

Le bukitroq (installations), gallery de l’UQAM, Montréal, QC, 1992.